How To Get Justin Bieber To Follow You On Twitter


It's never easy to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter.   Imagine how it feels for someone like Justin Bieber with literally  thousands of people begging for you to follow every minute of every day.  Its impossible for him to keep up with.  How could Justin possibly decide who he should follow out of all those requests.   There is a secret method reporters use when they want to get close to a popular artist which will definatley work when you're trying to get someone as huge as Justin Bieber to follow you. 



First , you have to separate yourself from the pack,  If your twitter name is BieberLuv or IwantJustin,  you will look like all the rest.   Its better to approach with a name that is not fan-orientated.  Like, for instance , just your name @GwenethBrown or @JudyBrown.   This seperates you from the millions of rabid fans and makes you look like someone who might be a friend of a friend or business contact.

Then you need to do some research.  Find out the name of his manager,  body gaurd, best friend, hairstylist  ,  someone who is around him in some way.   The more obscure the connection is , the better.

Then you need to distance yourself from this connection by using a friend's name.  Your tweet should read something like this.  "Hey Justin ,  Hope you remember me, its Chrissy I was with Judy,  Scooter's friend.

The idea here is to create the image that you met Justin with a friend of a friend through a close contact.  The main thing is to use a name of a Bieber personal associate so he makes a mental connection.   Then you have to guilt him .  For instance,  "You were gonna keep me posted on the new CD"   or , " You never got back to me about Chicago."   This is of course a little deceptive ,  but it is a common trick of publicists or agents in show biz.   Celebrities are so busy and overwhelmed,  you can't expect them to pay attention unless you make some kind of a personal connection.

So your first tweet might read. " Hey Justin , its (your  name)  I was with (random name), (Justin connection name)'s friend in Chicago,  follow me !!!!

The key is to be specific but vague.  You will be amazed how this works.  It totally separates you from the mass throngs of rabid fans begging for attention.  Remember not to appear desperate at all.  The key is to come off like you don't care,  you'll probably just go hang out with Will Smith or something better if you don't hear from him.   Name dropping works.  But do your research.  The more obscure and vague the better.

Once he follows you back, have fun with your new twitter pal ,  Justin Bieber !!!!!!  Your friends will be so jealous . 


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